My name is Loes Glandorff and I am feeling strangely optimistic. At least about human resourcefulness in times of crises and my own ability to get into trouble. So I came up with a plan to take the train to Mongolia to ask a simple question: what does it mean when you can pack your home in an hour?

I am a Dutch applied artist. When I started this project I lived in Delft with Jos. I was no nomad. I owned too many books, extra tubes of toothpaste and torn inner tire tubes – just in case – to pack my home in an hour. I am fascinated by the idea that I could loose about three quarters of my belongings without even missing them. What do I truly need to live a rich life with little stuff? On the vast plains of Mongolia I have learned more about it. Now I am living somewhere in the Netherlands wherever the project is taking me. My belongings are stowed away and I am lightly packed. Because what is already there, you simply do not have to drag along.

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