What if you could pack your home within an hour?
How can you live a rich life with little stuff?

The Small Nomadic Atlas is a crowd-funded artistic research by Loes Glandorff. It consists of projects in the public space, a blog and a publication about nomadic living in Mongolia and the Netherlands. It is a quest for lessening our thirst for stuff, and finding fresh ways for living in a city. Why do some people need so few things? And where do they find abundance? I am doing a three part research to find out what it means to be a nomad, and on this blog you can travel along.

This summer I have travelled through Mongolia to map what nomads take along, what they leave behind, what they find on site, and by which rules they play. Like a hunter gatherer I have roamed the plains and streets of Mongolia for the experts on nomadic living. The map of the old school nomadic family of Ulzii and Ulziburen will be the blueprint for my research in the Netherlands. There I’ll be hunting down different types of urban nomads, the new wanderers of the information era.

All these case-studies are interlaced with my own story. What do I think a nomadic life is all about? What would my nomadic life look like? I will turn the theory into practice. I started past November by  looking for Mongolia in Amsterdam-North in my BedMobile. This was part of my residency at art project space Rhizomatic. This summer I will develop a prototype for my life as a backyard nomad in nomad in Noord.

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