Instal; repair; recuperate

Installin solar panels with BorisI levelled the land; got caravan; placed small solar panel; replaced fuses; made pallet floor; emptied caravan; filled pallet floor with reed; laid top floor; oiled furniture (against humidity); secured floor; adjusted floor; oiled edges; repaired front tent; made music together; dug a ditch; dug a moat around the tent; made paths; replaced fuses; got extra solar kit; replaced small battery; removed sofa; remodelled other sofa; repaired sliding doors; swam with neighbours; replaced lock; replaced and rerouted plumbing; replaced water switch; placed water tank; placed gas tank; checked heater with neighbour; placed big battery; laid floor; moved battery; placed large solar panels; placed transformer; replaced fuses; replaced cables; placed cables; went to sauna around the corner; made panelling front tent; replaced heater; replaced water pump; check water pump; repaired front tent; changed lamps to 12 Volt; quick charged battery; checked solar panels; checked charger; checked cables; fused electrical systems; removed 9 meters of cable; removed extra charger; placed painting; had meetings; quick charged battery; called battery guy; called solar guy; placed extra small panels; checked heater ventilator; fixed heater starter; replaced water switch; repaired front tent entry; replaced charger; bought extra solar panels; sewed woollen curtains with my mom; recuperate.

And then still: move curtain rails; make covers; repair front tent; make portico; insulate floor; insulate cupboards; repair heater ventilator; place extra solar panels; make nice over curtains; make table; start community; analyse interviews Mongolia; design mobile studio; build mobile studio; recuperate.

And I still wonder what I’ve been doing these past months?

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