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I wasn’t going to spend the winter in the BedMobile, but how else? My parents played guardian angels and put a request on the notice board of their camp site. Coby replied within a day. She was going to give up her spot at the camping for a city retirement. I could have her caravan and solar panel for a bottle of good wine, as long as I would take everything else with me and clean up her camp space. That was such a great deal that I found it slightly embarrassing to say yes to. So I picked three bottles of wine and accepted that she just gave me the perfect gift to continue my adventure. Thank you Coby! I’ll name the caravan after you.

Coby's casaCoby’s casa at its original location.

Move it!After twenty year on the same spot, the wheels were still intact! The boys managed to push it to the parking lot where I could clean the caravan for transport, to make it look less conspicuous. My new neigbour Boris helped to get Casa Coby to Datsjapark.

Insulating the floor.In preparation neighbour Wouter and his guys from ‘dagbesteding’ had leveled the space. A few days and a lot of shovels later I had a level floor and was ready to insulate it with reed from the premises. Let’s hope there won’t be any mice dying in the middle…

Floor in action.Underfloor in action…

Everything in one place.Underfloor + ground sheet + old textile tiles + waxed underlayment + oiling half the furniture + lots of brainwork = (hopefully) waterproof front tent + too much equipment.

New set upLast few days of two spaces. The BedMobile is going to be packed up for winter and Casa Coby is getting ready for its function as a winter studio.





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    Veel succes met Casa Coby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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