Camp 2 | Roger knows how

Glandorff_Camp2_RogerRoger is on a cycling holiday. The trees that support his hammock have become more familiar than he hoped. The rain has kept him at camping het Vliegenbos. Nonetheless he speaks to his fellow Brompton cyclist in high spirits.

He is very fond of his set-up. His Hennessy hammock has kept him dry and comfortable. It is shaped in such a way that he can sleep horizontally on his side, and in the pocket on the ceiling he can keep his wallet, phone and headphones. Everything he brought along can be fitted in his Brompton bag and Ortlieb rucksack. He tells me enthusiastically about an American Brompton dealer who cycled down the pacific coast just on this little bike. It is contagious, this joy of minimalism and good equipment.

Glandorff_Camp2_Roger4At the same time he doesn’t seem to care too much about stuff. He lives in a tiny apartment just outside of London without a microwave or sofa. He might rent a longboat in the city centre during weekdays, as commuting through London is such an intense affair. We talk a bit more about living with a few possessions in the city. London has become an exclusive playground for the super-rich, he tells me. Wouldn’t it be nice to move to southern Europe? But how would you make a living? It seems people with digital professions have the best of both worlds as they can work from anywhere.

Does he need anything more or other than he has now? No, his laptop at home is enough. A portal to contacts and information worldwide, storage of memories, documents, entertainment, what else would a person in the information era need? Well… we think a bit more and consider our own needs and wishes.
We look at his hammock again. It is too small for a rainy climate though, there is no space to hide from the weather. And the wind can make it rather chilly. Private space is important to him too. To almost anybody. But for this week he’s got all he needs. Short holidays make one’s needs clear and simple.
Thank you Roger for giving me a tour!


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